Bangsring Underwater : Explore the beauty of the waters in Banyuwangi

Bangsring Underwater is located in krajan hamlet, bangsring village, wongsorejo sub district has beautiful underwater beauty. This beach is perfect for you snorkeling sports lovers. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of biota and sea plants are pretty good. In addition to beautiful coral reefs, here also there are ornamental fish that adorn the waters in Bangsring Underwater. They swim on the coral here. Coral falls into two, namely soft coral and hard coral are still well preserved. And become a beautiful plant for 500 species of ornamental fish this waters.

the most hunted is the type of fish betok. The abundant stock makes the type of betook fish needed in large quantities. There are so many types of coral reefs that you can enjoy when you explore the depths of Bangsring waters, because in addition to natural coral reefs that grow there are also many new and deliberately planted coral reefs.


Banyuwangi tourism that is not less beautiful and interesting is g-land or grajagan, famous as a place to surf with the second best wave in the world after hawaii.

For those of you who are interested in visiting, Bangsring Underwater is located in Bangsring, District Wongsorejo, Banyuwangi, East Java, then with the starting point of Banyuwangi train station, then you have to continue the journey to Sri Tanjung terminal by local car name angkot then continue using the bus to Bangsring. From the bus stop, you have to walk towards the beach because there is no common car that serve the route.

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