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Bobby’s G-land

Plengkung Beach is one of the tourist attractions located in Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. Plengkung Beach is a tourist attraction that enters in "diamond triangle" which serve as a mainstay source of funds from the tourism sector.

Plengkung Beach or known as g-land in addition to having a beautiful...

Activities and Facilities at Plengkung Beach Banyuwangi

Plengkung Beach or famous with the name of g-land located in the southeast of East Java province is also located in Banyuwangi. Located in the Indian Ocean waters make Banyuwangi East Java tourist attractions has a fairly large and high waves. Therefore, not only domestic tourists, foreign tourists from various countries come...

7 best surfing spots in the world

Plengkung Beach or G-Land banyuwangi is one of the 7 best surfing spots in the world

For those of you who want to go to Plengkung beach can be reached by road or air. Because in Banyuwangi there is also an airport that is Blimbingsari Airport Banyuwangi.

The unique characteristic...

Challenge the Grajagan Waves

Indonesia keeps a hidden paradise for the surfers of the world. g-land in plengkung beach is the best wave after Hawaii. The fame among the surfers, but this beach is still not heard in their own country.

G-land is located in Alas Purwo National Park, East Java. In the middle of the forest,...

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