Bobby’s G-land

Plengkung Beach is one of the tourist attractions located in Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. Plengkung Beach is a tourist attraction that enters in "diamond triangle" which serve as a mainstay source of funds from the tourism sector.

Plengkung Beach or known as g-land in addition to having a beautiful panorama, this beach also has a beautiful waves for the surfers. Beach is known as a beach that is suitable for surfing sports (surfing) because it has big waves.

New Superior Room in G--Land

New Superior Room in G--Land

Resorts are often used as a place to rest by the tourists is not a hotel, but a camp. you can visit bobby's g-land surf camp which became the pioneer of camp formation around plengkung. the silence of the national forest alas purwo around the camp will give a natural impression that you have never felt before. the camp operates a minimal electric power generator. The generator is able to illuminate the resort and turn on air conditioning (AC,) cable TV, and hot water.

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