Explore Plengkung Beach

One of the beaches in Banyuwangi whose popularity is worldwide isĀ Plengkung Beach. This is because the beach Plengkung located in Alas Purwo National Park, has a very high waves and large, so much to invite the interest of the world's surfers to conquer it.

There are some other fun activities to do, such as treeking (along Alas Purwo National Park by biking or walking), snorkeling, fishing, diving, caving, or seeing turtle breeding. For lovers of photography, view at Plengkung Beach is also a pity to miss. Sunset at Plengkung Beach is not less beautiful than anywhere else. Many tourists are waiting for this moment.

If you interest to visit plengkung beach, Bobby's Surf Camp can accommodate you from Bali using Speed Boat. Contact bobby@grajagan.com for more information.



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