G-Land Bobby’s Boat Schedule 2018

G-land 2018 Boat Schedule - If you're interested in going to G-land, you can use the G-land Boat service from Bobby's Surf Camp. Your trip to G-land departs from Kuta Reef in the morning, depending on the tides but usually around 6:00 am. Our speedboats have been built for the Bali-Java route to handle intersections comfortably and with absolute safety for passenger safety.

The boat is safe and equipped with four outboard engines of Suzuki-powered 250 HP four-step, full marine electronics (radar, GPS, and VHF marine radio), compass, board toilet, comfortable seat, life jacket and fire extinguisher. hour and take you to the camp with fresh and ready to surf.

G-Land Bobby's Boat Schedule 2018

G-Land Bobby's Boat Schedule 2018

For information and reservations, you can email bobby@grajagan.com or visit grajagan.com

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