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where did name g-land come from?

photo_2018-09-18_10-16-33 (2) Behind the G-Land designation for Plengkung beach, it turns out that it has many versions.  The letter "G" in G-Land turns out to be an abbreviation of several things, namely:  
  1. The name g-land was taken from the word "Grajagan" which is the name of a...


  1. The tourists can reach G-Land by road trip from Banyuwangi Grajagan Village or rent a boat from Bali
  2. The first public camp was opened in the late 70's
  3. The G-Land waves on the east side of Grajagan are famous for being bigger because of the...


photo_2018-09-19_14-35-29 Surfing is the main attraction presented by Plengkung beach or known as G-Land. In the international surfing world, the waves of this beach are known as "7 Giant Waves" where the waves can reach up to 6 meters high. The most interesting thing is the waves that can...

more about Plengkung Beach

Plengkung beach is located in the southeastern part of the island of Java, in the southern coast of Java, which is directly facing the Indian Ocean, so that Plengkung beach is a large choppy beach. This large wave is produced by a low pressure system originating from the south (Antarctica). Plengkung beach is also located...

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