more about Plengkung Beach

Plengkung beach is located in the southeastern part of the island of Java, in the southern coast of Java, which is directly facing the Indian Ocean, so that Plengkung beach is a large choppy beach. This large wave is produced by a low pressure system originating from the south (Antarctica). Plengkung beach is also located on the east side of Grajagan Bay, therefore the right side of Plengkung beach has more dominant waves. Plengkung Panjang Waves are elongated, high and high speed. Plengkung beach waves also form a nearly perfect wave tube making it a favorite of surf sports enthusiasts.
Offshore winds that blow in Plengkung occur between April and September. This caused the biggest waves to occur in these months. At these times the waves come in stages, each lasting for several days, with a span of several days between each wave. Waves tend to be bigger and better at high tide, so the best time to plan a surfing trip is a week after the full moon or new moon, because at these times high waves occur for half a day.

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