where did name g-land come from?

photo_2018-09-18_10-16-33 (2)

Behind the G-Land designation for Plengkung beach, it turns out that it has many versions.  The letter "G" in G-Land turns out to be an abbreviation of several things, namely:


  1. The name g-land was taken from the word "Grajagan" which is the name of a bay, namely Grajagan Bay.
  2. G-land is taken from the word "Green" because it is located on the edge of a green tropical forest. The environment around Plengkung beach is a green forest, because it is surrounded by a stretch of tropical coastal forest and lowland forest that is still beautiful, so if you look and capture it in a photo from a distance, it will look greenish in color.
  3. G-land is taken from the word "Great" because the waves are so big, long and full of challenges.
  4. There is also a mention, Plengkung called G-Land because the coast is curved like the letter G.



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