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‘Mantu Kucing’ Traditional Rainmaking Ceremonies in Grajagan

Mantu Kucing is a traditional ritual performed during the dry season in the hamlet Curahjati, Grajagan Village, District Purwoharjo, Banyuwangi. This ritual is performed by making a wedding ceremony for two cats like a human wedding ceremony.

This ritual began around the 1930s. At that time Curahjati stricken hamlet of persistent...

G-Land : Best Surf Spot in the World

G-Land is located in Grajagan Bay East Java, Indonesia. The world's best spots for surfing in the g-land. Why it worth? Indonesia is an archipelago where various volcanic energy ever falling into that form various steep coast in the sea. "I like g-land, in this place many surfers can surf the long...

It’s Time to Surf in G-Land

G-Land is located in Plengkung Bay precisely on the peninsula south of Java. For several years, many surfers around the world go to this place between the months of March to November to find fantastic waves in g-land. G-Land is a special surfing the primitive beauty and perfect waves. G-land is located...

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