G-Land : Best Surf Spot in the World

G-Land is located in Grajagan Bay East Java, Indonesia. The world's best spots for surfing in the g-land. Why it worth? Indonesia is an archipelago where various volcanic energy ever falling into that form various steep coast in the sea. "I like g-land, in this place many surfers can surf the long slide in many different parts, as well as the wave varied in g-land gives challenge" Jeremy Flores. G-Land has good waves in May to October. Community surfers find the g-land in 1972 when Bob Laverty and Bill Boyum departing from Bali by motorcycle. Both the Americans managed to achieve Grajagan, and after a boat ride across the bay, they camped on the beach and surf with perfect g-land. Some camps have grown up around the G-Land since it was to serve the surfers who want to enjoy the natural wildlife in g-land.



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