‘Mantu Kucing’ Traditional Rainmaking Ceremonies in Grajagan

Mantu Kucing is a traditional ritual performed during the dry season in the hamlet Curahjati, Grajagan Village, District Purwoharjo, Banyuwangi. This ritual is performed by making a wedding ceremony for two cats like a human wedding ceremony.

This ritual began around the 1930s. At that time Curahjati stricken hamlet of persistent drought. The residents have to worship Salat Istisqa and Tiban but the rain still does not go down. Finally, Mbah Wono Samudro as headman (village chief) at that time attended by Mbah Umbulsari (some are calling Mbah Kopek) trusted people as spirits guarding the springs in the village. There are two versions of the story that says that Mbah Mbah Wono Samudro Umbulsari met in reality or in dreams. During the meeting Mbah Umbulsari advised that the villagers perform rituals Mantu Kucing (Cats).

Finally the ritual is performed every year. There is an assumption that the cat has a close relationship with the rain, up to bathe the cat will cause the rain to fall.

Implementation of this ritual is done on a Friday in November. Ritual begins at 09.00 starting with the village elders gathered in the house. Then, the residents walk to the spring by holding two cats who will wed. Sometimes, cats put in a cage that had been decorated. Behind the convoy cat, there are dancers who act as entertainment jaranan wedding.

The highlight of the ritual performed under a tree near the spring adjacent to the river that bordered the forest land PT. Perhutani with the paddy area. There, meditating village elders then two cats had been brought to the edge of the fountain and rubbed his head as a symbol of marriage. After that citizens start to scramble the water that is believed to bring fortune. The event closed with a cone of salvation that have been held around the spring.

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