G-Land Today Forecast, Thursday – June, 4th 2009

G-Land Today Forecast on Thursday, June 4th 2009.
Latest Conditions Summary in G-Land :

First Light: 5:09am and Last Light 5:32pm
Sunrise: 5:30am and Sunset: 5:11pm

Swell: 4ft - 15 sec with swell derection 202°
Wind: 5 mph with wind derection - 134°
Temperature: Sea 29° c and Air 26° c

High tides 6:59am 2.2m and 7:29pm 1.9m
Low tides 12:19am 1.2m and 1:39pm 1.1m

(G-Land Banjuwangi, Bali Str - 35.8mi away)

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