G-Land is the world renowned point located in Eastern Java's Banyuwangi regency.  The traditional name given to the area is Pantai Plengkung, which translates to "Arcing Beach."   G-Land was first sighted through the bird's eye perspective from an airplane's window-seat view  in 1974.  Bob Laverty, an American surfer was flying into Bali and saw G-Land when the plane took a different flight path than usual.

Bob and his friend Mike Boyum traveled from Bali to G-Land on their motorcycles, getting as close as possible to the point's tip on the last stretches of beach until a small rocky headland left them with no option but to walk the finally stretch.  Only a few kilometers away from where the Camp is situated now, they pushed through the deep coral sands, finally reaching what would have to be the first view of waves peeling off down the massive reef through the eye's of a surfer. This was the first  G-Land Experience, and for any surf adventurer past, present or future, it will remain as one of the greatest finds.