G Land Surf Paradise

G-Land is beach in Grajagan East Java Banyuwangi Indonesia decorated by various kinds of waves that can be used to do the surfing. Waves there are various, including Kong, Moneytrees, Speedies, Chicken, Launching Pad, Twenty-twenty (20-20), Tiger Track.

Many foreign tourists who like the waves in the G-Land, because many of them commented that has a good wave, the wave length and also because the support of friendly surf camp and supply all the needs of foreign tourists in the tour there. One of them is G-Land Bobby Surf Camp

Bobby Surf Camp standing right in the middle of the beach area closest to the water in the G-Land. This is because the Bobby Surf Camp is the first surf camp and only surf camp at G-Land that has a history of the original legend in the surfing G-Land, because the owner of Bobby Surf Camp is  Mr. Bobby Radiasa who is also a one of the legends of surfing in the 1970's along with friends such as Kasim, Joe Mayolett, Gerry lopez, Paul Miller, Feliece Miller, Bill Boyum, John Pottorff, Patti Pottorff, Ryan King and more.

That is why many say that the G-Land is a paradise of the world surfing

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