G-Land Express Captain

G-Land Express Captain on G-Land Bobby's Surf Camp.

G-Land Express Captain

G-Land Express Captain - G-Land Bobby's Surf Camp

Many people ask him, what do you can go through this journey? From the question above can be concluded that, not many people know about the ability and experience, captain of the speed boat G-Land Express - G-Land Bobby's Surf Camp. Here we submit the results of our interviews of him. See more info about G-Land Express Schedule 2011

Nickname captain of the speed boat  G-Land Express - G-Land Bobby's Surf Camp is Buzy, which has the full name Hartono Buzy. He lived in Banyuwangi, education is the last as engineering.

Buzy have a lot of experience and ability to drive Speed Boat G-Land Express. Among them:

1. (1997 - 1999) drive cargo ship from Plengkung Grajagan to G-land.
2. (1999 - 2000) drive speed boat G-Land Express from Sanur to Salembongan (Nusa Penida Island Bali).
3. (2000 - 2003) drive speed boat G-Land Express from Plengkung Grajagan to G-Land bring guest.
4. (2004 - Now) drive new speed boat G-Land Express from Bali to G-Land - G-Land to Bali.

Experience captain G-Land Express during the journey in the sea :
1. (2004) - Trip from Bali to G-Land more than 7 hours, usually less than 2 hours. This is because the rain storm in the middle of the Bali sea. It is not easy, but the captain Buzy can safely deliver guests to the ability in the face of all the weather.
2. (2005) - Amazing captain...., he can bring to surf speed boat G-Land Express. Speed Boat G-Land Express runs over the roller of waves. Great!!!
3. (2007) - Avoid the threat of whales. When it appears a pope, and he slew direction speed boat G-Land Express. Then the whales appear again, with a sprightly again that he does not avoid bump whales are.

We know that Buzy is a reliable captain who can bring all the passengers safely to the G-Land. But not apart from the power of God, we must always remember to pray in any way.

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