G-Land Bobby’s Opening

G-Land Bobby final trip to reopen in 2009

G-Land camp opened its bobby on 7 March as the first trip in 2009 is, as we know that the G-Land Bobby is a camp to enjoy the challenge water beach G-Land surf arena as it seems he has a wave length of pitch world, even as its famous G-Land in the world makes the reason why the world messmate surfer Kelly Slater to attend the midst of the tremendous size of its waves and G-Land.

Waves at G-Land is very diverse, including Kong, Moneytreess, Launching Pad, Speedies, Tiger Tracks, chicken, and so forth. Not surprisingly because of the many different kinds of waves that are close together, creating a phenomenon which is very unusual terpanjang the waves in the world, no wonder if many people igin visit to G-Land.

for the G-Land Surf Camp Bobby is ready to help you in conducting your activities as a surfer's energy needs that can overcome its tremendous wave G-Land.

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