G-Land Surfing Destination

Plengkung Banyuwangi Beach or G-Land is a beach located at the eastern end of the island of Java. G-Land is one of the surfers' paradise.
in the name of the beach which is also known as G-Land has its own meaning, namely "Grajagan". Grajagan itself is the name of a bay located just west of the beach.
The enormity of the waves in Plengkung Banyuwangi makes it into the category of one of the biggest waves in the world. The height of the waves can reach up to 4-6 meters with the formation of 7 tiled wave rolls. This formation can reach a length of 2 kilometers. This is one of the reasons why professional surfers have a high interest in conquering the Plengkung waves.

G-lan WA 16 DES 19








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This beach is included in the history of surfing in Indonesia which is known as one of the best surfing spots

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