G-Land : Paradise for Adrenaline Lovers

When the people of Jakarta are still asleep, the people of Banyuwangi are already awake. Yes, the earliest sunrise on the island of Java is in Banyuwangi, so no wonder if the district is labeled "Sunrise of Java". Banyuwangi has many stunning natural tourist destinations. Banyuwangi also have Plengkung Beach or foreign tourists call it G-land which is very popular among international surfers because it has the second largest wave after Hawaii. One of the attractions hunted by foreign tourists, especially the surfers is the beach Plengkung or better known as G-land, located in the Alas Purwo National Park.


G-land or Plengkung Beach is an adrenaline lover's paradise, especially surfing waves big catchers. In G-land in addition to the waves that can reach 5 to 10 meters if the season is right, is a favorite place for surfing. When you in G-land and photographing these surfers often you will see the legs of the surfers torn by exposed skateboard that is not controlled because of the big waves here. Another very dangerous one is the shoreline consisting of large and sharp coral reefs. So the surfers who want to find their waves will be escorted by speedboat to the middle of the sea, little guard they will be swept away to the shoreline and sharp corals are very dangerous and even life-threatening.

Source : www.superadventure.co.id

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