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History of The Name G-Land

G-Land is derived from the name Grajagan, before famously known as G-Land, this beach was called the Plengkung beach or Grajagan because of its curved position and the bay. The first time it was named G-Land was by foreign tourists visiting this island, because it was difficult to pronounce Grajagan, so it was called G-Land. The name...

New Report Forecasts at G-Land Waves

New report Forecasts on 24th Desember 2019 : Low : 2:07AM, Height waves 0.94 meter, First Light4:39AM Hight : 8:05am, Height waves 2.01 meter, Sunrise 5:02AM Low : 1:48PM, Height waves 1.05 meter, Sunset 5:41PM Hight : 8:10PM, Height waves 2.43 meter, Last Night 6:04PMPlan forecasts 24 Des 2019

G-Land The Best Spot For Surfing

       Plengkung beach or known as G-Land is a beach located in the middle of the Alas Purwo National Park area, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. G-Land is quite popular among surfers. This area is quite famous because it has consistent waves, which are suitable for surfing.

G-Land is often called a...

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