G-land Sequence From The Movie Fresh Juice 1982

This was a trip to G-Land from Bali by Yacht from the movie 'FRESH JUICE' a film By Les & Michael Smith, originally shot in super 8 & converted to 16mm by Mark Falzon, he also helped with the editing, this was the first time someone had chance to go to G-Land with out having to be associated with Mike Boyum, who had a strangle hold on the place for years from this time on.

G-Land became more open to surfers & Boat trips in Indonesia for other surfers, became a reality, the Owner of the Yacht was DEM & american who was trying to establish boat trips from Bali for travelling surfers. The boat was 'MOANA MANU', now resting on the bottom of benoa harbour in Bali..RIP Moana

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