Visit G-Land Banyuwangi

When you visit Grajagan Beach for a vacation or honeymoon then you can find a beach with an area of 314 hectares. A charming beach to the south of Banyuwangi is lined with Pesanggaran Beach, Red Beach and Plengkung Beach.

South beach waves splashed beautifully greeting the rocks until put out melodious sound. Black sand laid so beautifully along the beach. When you are in the beach, then you can see the towering hills and the expanse of black sand from the beach.

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The hills are very beautiful and the unique caves so add to the exoticism of Grajagan Beach. On this beach has 3 caves of former World War II of the Japanese army. This beach has a waves are charming and suitable for surfing.

As a transit point to get to the G-land location, it is said that the waves on this exotic beach have consistently rideable waves in a world dedicated only to professional surfers. The length of the waves on this beach can reach 1 kilometer so it is suitable for surfing. To reach the best spot is in Plawangan which is only 300 distance from the beach. The speed of waves in Plawangan can reach 60 km per hour. For high waves can reach up to 4 m.

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