Tourism Potential In Plengkung Beach

Being on the edge of the Indian Ocean makes the waves around Plengkung Beach big enough, because there is a power generated by low-pressure systems from the Antarctic region. Large waves are also high-speed and tubular lengthwise, so it is suitable for surfing activities. Not surprisingly, the enthusiast sports surfing is very love Plengkung Beach to channel his hobby.

Surfing activities is one of the most popular activities on this beach, therefore, many foreign tourists who visit to try out the challenge of waves in Plengkung Beach. With the potential of large waves forming tubes and high speed, making Plengkung Beach included in the list of four best surfing locations in the world, even paralleled with the coast of Hawaii Australia is already very popular as the best surf location. Not surprisingly, foreign tourists, especially surfing sports fans, gave the nickname on this beach with the name of The Seven Giant Waves Wonder.

Because of the entrance of Alas Purwo National Park, around this beach there are also protected rare animals and some interesting flora species. So aside from having the potential for tourism for surfing sports, this beach also keeps the potential of natural beauty is very impressive. There are a number of attractions around Plengkung Beach that can be visited, such as Sadengan, which is the habitat of some rare species, such as bull, deer, deer, mouse deer, wild boar and birds. The grassland is about 12 kilometers from Plengkung Beach, and can be reached in about 30 minutes.

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