The Unique of Grajagan

Since 5 years ago, Grajagan as known as G-Land already searching by surfers from around the world. Many surfers who come to the Grajagan beach because they consider this beach is very beautiful and very nice to be a place to surf. If you want to see or meet with the surfers should come between September and August. For those of you who want a vacation or a trip to the Grajagan beach, do not have to worry about the price of accomodation. Because the price is cheap and services could one day out which is 24 hours per day. The beach is located in south of Banyuwangi including the beach with a very wide area, and supported by clean sand.

The unique about grajagan beach

The unique about grajagan beach is the beauty of landscape that not only appears on the panoramic but also from the estate, mountains, and the ocean stretching to the Indian Ocean. According to travelers in Grajagan beach guards, most of the tourists who stay are local tourists. Because there is hardly any tourists who stay overnight. Usually they only enjoy the beautiful of grajagan beach and surfing spot. Each visitor also allowed for fishing and boating while enjoying the beauty of nature to get to the Plengkung beach.

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