The Best surfing Spot in Southeast Asia

G-land or Plengkung Beach is recognized as the best surfing spot in Southeast Asia and its waves include one of the best seven waves in the world. The waves in this place are immense and consistent as a result of the influence of Antarctic currents, carried by the Indian Ocean.

In addition to Plengkung Beach, the waves of that size only exist in Hawaii and South Africa. And the peak of waves coming from April to August every year.

For those who like surfing then G-Land or Plengkung Beach is a must-visit tour. You can try to learn to surf lightning to the mentors who are there. But if you do not have a hobby of surfing anyway this beach is worth the visit. Watching up close surfers in the middle of the ocean is an exciting option, other than that sunset charm you should not miss, take your camera and immediately capture this beautiful moment.

20oct| such a good empty wave ? Dave Thomas #grajagan #bobbyssurfcamp #surf #gland

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G-land October 29. This young guy is sick !! ?by Donny Lopez #tube #gland #surf #bobbyssurfcamp #grajagan #wave #amazing

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