Tall and Consistent G-land Waves

G-Land is well known among the world's surfers because of its large waves and challenging surfing. His own nickname is The Seven Giant Waves Wonder. Its location overlooking the Indian Ocean and its unique coastal contours make G-Land a wave character sought by many surfers: tall and consistent.

The sailing process is called twenty-twenty: twenty minutes to get to the middle of the sea, and 20 minutes to surf, wake up the waves. Unlike in Hawaii, where the whole year is enough for surf, the peak season in G-Land is April-September. In the G-Land area there are only beaches and trees and several surf camps.

One of the camps that became the first pioneer is Bobby's Surf Camp which has stood more than 30 years providing camp-shaped accommodation and complete facilities ranging from ping pong sports to internet access. You can make an online reservation if you want to stay at Bobby's Surf Camp or contact bobby@grajagan.com

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