Surf Camp in G-Land

For surf sports or surfing surfers, they are certainly familiar with G-Land Plengkung, one of the beaches on the southern coast of Java, precisely in Banyuwangi regency. This beach has one of the best waves in the world to surf, you do not need far come to Hawaii to enjoy the best surf for surfing, just on the beach Plengkung, in the best season between May to September, the waves on this beach can reach 6-8 meters high and come after another 7-8 series with long waves can reach 2 kilometers.

New Superior Room in G--Land

New Superior Room in G--Land

Then what about accommodation? In the plengkung beach area there are several surf camps that are specifically facilitate the surfers who want to stay. G-land bobbys surf camp has more than 30 years experience managing accommodation in g-land. Various activities and complete facilities are available, ranging from exciting games such as ping-pong until wifi facilities. If you want to visit plengkung beach, do not forget to contact us

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