Sensation of Natural Panorama in G-Land

G-Land is rarely spread in many people or the activist travelers. Seemed to be a beach that seemed exclusive only for surfing sports only. Not only that, because geographically located in the corner of Banyuwangi, this beach does have a fairly difficult road access. Unlike other tourist beach access.

To get into G-Land, there are two transportation routes that can be taken. Through land routes, can be through the sea transportation. If you want to try the sea transportation, travelers can access from Kuta Beach Bali. At Kuta Beach, there are several boats by boat machines that are used for access to this G-Land Beach. The journey across from Kuta Beach to G-Land beach is an average of 2.5 hours. The travelers will travel the panorama of the Bali Sea as well as the Indian Ocean at the time of crossing.

Meanwhile, to take the road transportation, the travelers can use the motor transportation, or the car to the area of Alas Purwo National Park. Instead, the trip should not be acted at night. This is just for the sake of comfort and security in feeling the sensation of adventure in the open. Better to see the panorama in the forest area during the day than at night.

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Access to G-Land beach a lot of rocky roads found steep and sandy. It is conceivable, what kind of transportation model is best suited to take this beach. Suggested trail bike or car with four wheel drive engine performance type (4WD).

The serenity will be felt after entering the most forest of Alas Purwo National Park to Plengkung Beach. Travelers only treated Tongterek voice combined with the sound of the roar of the waves. Occasionally choirs from Prenjak birds, Rangkok and Merak are mutually shouted. The most fitting sensation when the sunset arrives is the sound of the woodpecker flying off the beach.

Treat the sensation of natural panorama before sunset can be found in camp the surfers. Right beside the helipad, just by sitting cross-legged on the rocks that blend sand beaches, treats the ocean panorama of the Indian Ocean can treat the tired of our minds.

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