Plengkung G-Land

The G-Land itself is given by its discoverer because it resembles the letter G when viewed from above, coincidentally when it was first discovered, the discoverer was on a flying journey with an airplane over G-Land. In addition the name G-Land is also indicated from the word Grajagan, which is the name of a bay.

The first people who popularized the beach and the waves in Plengkung Beach were Bob Laverty and Bill Boyum in 1972. Then they set up a surf camp there and eventually became known to world-class surfers from various countries. Next, Bobby Radiasa a surfer from Bali, developed surf camp and managed it to this day.

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September 29| Afternoon session| photo by: Donny Lopez #bobbyssurfcamp #grajagan #indosurf #wave #surf

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