International Quicksilver Pro Surfing Championship in G-land

For you surfers certainly know where anywhere in Indonesia is suitable for hobby surfing. For some people Bali is probably only Kuta and Seminyak is a suitable place to do the activity, but it turns out there is one place in Indonesia that has the beauty of the waves so amazing that has not been so touched by tourists.

The place is called Plengkung beach or commonly called G-Land. G-Land is located in the area of Alas Purwo National Park located in the city of Banyuwangi. To get to this beautiful place, you have to face an unusual journey because this place has not been touched by such a meaningful Transportation. As an alternative media, you are advised to use a private car or rental car to get to this place. Despite the need for an extra struggle, G-Land is able to provide an extraordinary comfort and beauty of the ocean, especially with the waves that are perfect for you to surf.

G-land also became the venue for an International level surfing contest that was International Quicksilver Pro Surfing Championship which lasted for three consecutive years (from 1995 - 1997). With the waves are so high, not surprising if this beautiful island is so popular and visited by many local and International tourist.

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