Ijen Mountain in Banyuwangi

Unique mountain that has a crater with a fairly high acidity level is a crater lake of the world's largest reached 5466 hectares With a depth of 200 meters. Ijen Mountain has  height of 2368 meters above sea level requires you to use adequate vehicles such as jeeps and powerful motorcycles.

In Ijen Mountain you can enjoy sunset or sunrise in the morning and enjoy Blufire (blue flame) coming from sulfur-mountain brimstone. You are required to use a mask or cover of your nose and mouth if you want to go near the crater. Many of the tourists both local and overseas come early in the morning to be able to see and enjoy the stunning blufire (blue fire) and sunrise reaction. So you can calculate and estimate how much time you should reach to Mount Ijen from your home. So, do not miss the beautiful moments like blufire and sunrise in Ijen Mountain Banyuwangi.

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