G-Land : Top Place to Surf in Indonesia

Indonesia is a familiar country for many surfers around the world to find the perfect surfing spot with a wide selection of waves. You are a beginner or advanced surfers, you will find a great place to surf in Indonesia

Many surfing tourists will come to Indonesia to get perfect surfing surf, white sand beaches, warm and sunny weather and local friendly people. This is what makes almost every place to surf in Indonesia as a surfer's paradise.

New Superior Room in G--Land

New Superior Room in G--Land

Much touted surf spot to be a great place for adventurers with a little crowd is g-land. G-land has a different section along the 2km long point, from hollow walls to shallow and dangerous corals. The G-land also has world-class waves in the ups and downs and bigger days but you have to be careful of the sharp coral reefs on the coast of G-land

If you are interested in spending time in G-land, you can stay at the camp available one of them Bobby's Surf Camp has 30 years of experience managing camp

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