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Now you can see the G-Land Bobby's Surf Camp information in every day, because Jarred Hancox now in G-Land, and will always provide you with information related to G-Land every day. You can view this information in the G-Land Daily Reports.

Jarred Hancox (JH) is full time surfer from the Taranaki. His local is Fitzroy, he surfs mostly at Back Beach, Rockies, and Stent. He'll also frequent as many as a dozen other spots - those bloody Naki boys are spoilt.

Jarred Hancox (JH)

Jarred Hancox (JH)

Just the other day he went down to a quality left point on surf HWY45 to find no waves. 20 minutes watching and nothing coming in. He started to walk back and started watching a bowly little right working by the track back to the road. Paddling out, he had 2 hours surfing a shoulder high right to himself - a great wave with no one out. That's Taranaki, when the swell and tide changes spots with no names can come to life. Jarred reckons he surfs half a dozen spots on occasion that don't have a name.

Jarred Hancox in action video :

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