See the Splendor of G-land Waves in Banyuwangi

Sunrise of Java alias Banyuwangi is a district located in the eastern tip of Java island. As an area bordering the Indian Ocean, Banyuwangi has many beaches that can be visited by tourists. One of the beaches in Banyuwangi is G-Land beach or more popular with the name of Plengkung beach among the surrounding community.

G-Land is a favorite place for surfers of all classes, from beginner to master. High waves on this beach is a place to play the dream of surfers. Who came to surf at the beach Plengkung not just local surfers only. Plengkung beach is already famous among the surfers of the world so many surfers from abroad who come all the way to the beach Plengkung just to try out the malignancy of the waves there


G-Land can be accessed by speedboat from Bali or by landline. Some surfers come here using a rented speedboat from Bali. Plengkung Beach is famous with its legendary waves roll. A foreign surfer nicknamed Plengkung beach with the name The Seven Giant Waves Wonder refers to the high waves rolls that reach seven layers. Wave height can reach 6 meters. It is said that this waveform formation exists only on 3 beaches: Hawaii, South Africa and Plengkung in Banyuwangi

For those who want to scatter, the most fitting visit time to the beach Plengkung is between April to August because the waves there will reach the highest point. Because of the famous G-Land among surfers of the world, this place has been used as a venue international surfing event.

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For accommodation, do not worry because many of the camp lodges are available in G-Land. One of them is G-land Bobby's Surf Camp which has stood more than 30 years and experienced handling the accommodation of many visitors. With a wide choice of places to stay and other fun activities, do not hesitate to make online reservations or contacts via

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