“Petik Laut” A Unique Tradition In Grajagan Beach

A unique tradition in  Grajagan Beach Banyuwangi,  people called it Ritual Petik Laut. This tradition held once a year, exactly on 15 Syuro Javanese calendar or the Islamic calendar, Muharram 15.

The fishing communities in Muncar tirakatan and recitals held in a number of places of worship. At the peak of the fishermen parading the offerings of a community figure to the fish auction place.

The offerings are paraded placed in Gitik or small boats which has a length of 5 meters. It contains a wide variety of cakes, fruits, two chickens are still alive and the goat's head and hooks made of gold.

After being paraded around the village, gitik moved into one of the boats and taken to the middle of the open sea accompanied by dozens of boats owned by fishermen Muncar slerek. The ship is decorated with beautiful ornaments and equipped with a sound system to play music.

After the prayers are being said, the elder fishermen gitik offerings in the open sea. Shortly after offerings, dozens of fishermen go jump into the sea to take offerings such as fruits in order to get the blessing.

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