Red Island Beach Banyuwangi, Surf Lovers Paradise

The Sunrise Of Java, if the title is very worth pinned to Banyuwangi district. The district is located on the eastern tip of Java island. Many tourist rides that can be a family destination to eliminate fatigue in Banyuwangi. For example, Baluran National Park, Ijen Crater, Plengkung Beach or G Land, which tourist attractions can not be ruled out with other classy tours such as Padang Savana Mount Bromo and others.

Red island beach itself is located in Pesanggaran district, Banyuwangi. Red island beach called like that because there is a small hill that the ground is red. Visitors can enjoy this hill during low tide because this hill is located on the beach itself. Are you a surfing sports lover?

Please note also that Red Island Beach is ideal for surfers (surfing) because the wave height can reach 3 to 5 meters, so it is not good for swimming use especially for small children. Lots of tourists who visit this beach, for the beauty of Red Island Beach.

White sand beach that extends 3 kilometers, and the beauty of green hills whose land is red, just make this beach as a reference for tourists both local and foreign tourists to enjoy the Red Island Beach.

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