Plengkung Beach in Banyuwangi

For the surfers of the world, G-land beach is known to have seven wave spots. That way, arguably this beach became a paradise of surfers. It has an average wave height of up to 5-6 meters, which can form a fairly flat barrol.

A beautiful shot from this afternoon session.28 August by Donny Lopez #surfreport #bobbyssurfcamp #surf #wave #grajagan

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According to residents around Plengkung called G-Land because the beach is curved like the letter G upside down when viewed from satellite and shape is the factor that affects the occurrence of large waves as high as 8 meters favored by professional surfers of the world.

Facilities in the location of beach plengkung banyuwangi quite complete because there is a bar, restourant, bungalow, jungle camp, surfboard rental that is managed by Bobby's Surf Camp since 30 years

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