November 5th 2010

G-LAND ... today was not a wave riding day.  Real small and plenty of W and N winds to make it all the more difficult to surf.  Or want to surf.  I checked it many times through the day fueled by the hope that something would change with the ocean scene.  It never went!!!

Rained two times today already (still early as I'm writing this) and they were good once again.  I'll take a photo soon of the jungles lushness and post it.  I noticed it yesterday in a way that made me stop moving and just look at it more intently.

And "in the news" ... another volcano, this time in Eastern Java started to vent out more heat than usual.  I just checked the news to see what kind of information I'd come across.  Allegedly, there are 18 active volcanoes throughout the Archipelago, 8 that are in "alert status" which means that their is more activity than the normal background levels for an active volcano.  Indonesia is alive in so many ways.  Naturally, so is the rest of this planet.  Yet some places seem to be more so than others!!!


Gunung Merapi, Central Java

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