May 9-10 2012

G-LAND ...  The signs of another new swell were in force not far off the break of day on the 9th.  Big sets running through Money Trees were peeling down the reef sectionless, with somewhat bad winds making them look so promising IF/WHEN the offshores may come alive.  Yesterday, eventhough it was fun, the winds were never properly blowing the way one would hope it to be.  So the thought i was having wasn't the most positive for good winds.  BUT the swell looked so nice!!!  Great direction and makeable waves all the way down the reef.

May 9.
Double overhead+ and really coming in along the entire length of G-Land.  Big 2.6 meter tide at 10 o'clock and Launching Pad into Speedies was looking to be everyone's focal point.  Money Trees running off with no takers.  But it made sense since there were some beautiful enough waves coming through Speedies for a swell that never got to meet its 3rd element  needed for perfection.  We had the swell...we had the tides...just never the winds.  Sitting out in the line-up as an observer was tough, but the view is so much better from the water than from the land.  A few BIG TUBES!!!

Tide pulling out and swell got pulled upreef  to Money Trees.  Even more tide pulling and the Ledge was showing some form.  All the way into the Bay and all day long were waves to enjoy!!!

May 10.
This was THE DAY since i came into camp.  Same deal on the wind as the 9th, but the swell was reacting to the reef better.  Even a few that came in the cliche "not a drop of water outta place!"   But with the bit of lump comes the need to think a lot more about what's happening down the line.  But some proper massive barrels.  I just went through the photos from today and was really impressed with how they came out.  I'll have to post some up for view pleasure.  After the Speedies session, everyone was satiated.  Money Trees was breaking...not so good...but it was working.  I saw only 1 surfer give it a go and he was struggling.


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