Grajagan Beach : Exotic beach in Banyuwangi

For those of you who love surfing sports, Grajagan is a surfing location you deserve to try. But unfortunately the beach waves are not aimed at beginners, It is said that Grajagan Beach has a consistently rideable wave in the world that is only recommended for professional surfers.


To reach Grajagan Beach is very easy, the road has been paved and can be reached by private car, rental, or public transportation. It takes approximately 1 hour drive from the city of Banyuwangi. The location can be reached using two-wheeled vehicles or four.

The beauty of Grajagan beach has also been immortalized through the song Banyuwangi titled "Grajagan Banyuwangi" which is quite popular among tradisional music lovers and there are several versions video uploaded on Youtube.

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