G-Land for Adventure Lovers

Plengkung beach or known as G-Land because when viewed the whole region from above, this form of coastal clusters of islands form the letter G. Therefore, Plengkung Beach is also called g-land. But there is also the causal reason of naming this land g. On the other hand, it turns out that Plengkung Beach is close to a bay, namely Grajagan bay, the letter G in g land is taken from Grajagan.

G-land is perfect for you who like to do adventure. The location is still cool and the road to Plengkung Beach or g land that is still natural, you can make a tracking path. Exhausted with your step towards the location, the sense of fatigue will disappear after arriving at a very exotic beach with this waves.

Afternoon session 19th of Oct, beauty g-land sunset along your ride ?by Donny Lopez #bobbyssurfcamp #grajagan #surf #sunset

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In addition to the waves are in great demand by the tourists, there are also other facilities that can be enjoyed. Like the hotel in Plengkung g Beach beach that can be found around the location. There are some lodging in Plengkung Beach that can be rented. Bobby's Surf Camp is one of them. The price is certainly comparable to the facilities provided, such as food security and free internet connection. In addition, the location is located in the National Park Alas Purwo make the inn like a villa in the middle of shady green trees Alas Purwo.

Other facilities that are also provided by the manager are surfboards of course, restaurants, bars, jungle camp, etc. Well, it's so good, the facilities are like in a surf place abroad. Interesting right? Do not miss visiting Plengkung Beach or G-Land on your holiday day.

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