G-Land : Best Surfing Location in Indonesia

Banyuwangi has many beautiful natural tourist destinations. Here are three of the largest national parks in Java, Banyuwangi also has Plengkung Turkish or foreign tourists call it G-land which is very popular among international surfers because it has the second largest waves of Hawaii. One of the attractions that are hunted foreign tourists, especially surfers is the beach Plengkung or better known as G-Land, location is located inside the National Park Alas Purwo.



Plengkung beach directly opposite the Indian Ocean and located in the eastern Gulf of Grajagan so popular with surfers and people from outside the country. Plengkung beach is a haven for professional surfers because it is known with great choppy coast. Plengkung waves elongated shape, height, and move quickly. Plengkung beach waves also form an almost perfect tube so that a favorite sports lovers surfing (surfing) from Australia, Europe, and America.

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