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Maybe if known tourist attractions in East Java, people will immediately call the city of Malang. Though there are still other places that have a myriad of tourist attractions, namely Banyuwangi. The location of this district is on the eastern tip of Java Island. Another term from Banyuwangi is Gandrung city, where Banyuwangi itself has a huge area. Therefore the place is also quite a lot of tourism.

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The development of the city itself is quite good, some tourist attractions such as Watu Dodol, Red Island, Plengkung Beach and many others. We will discuss about the beauty of one of those places is Plengkung Beach. Plengkung beach has been recognized enough in the world. Lots of foreign tourists from various countries come to Banyuwangi regency who want to vacation and learn about custom in Banyuwangi.

Plengkung Beach itself is located in the Village Kalipait, District Tegaldlimo. Dealing directly with the Indian Ocean this beach is very popular with tourists. In fact, not infrequently come is a foreign tourist who wants to feel surfing at Plengkung Beach. Actually Plengkung Beach has another name that is G-Land Beach. The origin of G-Land's name varies. The first G means Grajagan or Grajagan Bay. Then there is also a mean G is because the beach curved if taken from the top of the photo like the letter G.

New Superior Room in G--Land

New Superior Room in G--Land

If you are still not satisfied tour in Plengkung Beach dalan one day, then you have to stay. Relax, around this beach already provided some lodging or hotel. A lot will offer you a place to stay so you can feel the sensation of this beach at night until the next day. In fact there are also places to eat that offer a lot of typical Bannermans as well as processed marine fish. Like Restaurant Mahkota for example that is located very close to Plengkung Beach.

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