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G Land Surf Paradise

G-Land is beach in Grajagan East Java Banyuwangi Indonesia decorated by various kinds of waves that can be used to do the surfing. Waves there are various, including Kong, Moneytrees, Speedies, Chicken, Launching Pad, Twenty-twenty (20-20), Tiger Track. Many foreign tourists who like the waves in the G-Land, because many...

G-Land Rileks Moment

Now the G-Land Bobbys Surf Camp have a special place for you to relax while the official website along with the G-Land to see the beautiful fish in the aquarium. Have a nice day...

G-Land Unique

Something that is unique only in G-Land Bobbys Surf Camp. Have you heard the term Grandong? If you come to G-Land Bobbys Surf Camp, you will be able to see whether it Grandong. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="467" caption="Grandong in G-Land Bobbys Surf Camp"]G-Land... 				</div>
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