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Benefit Trip To G-Land

Plengkung beach is a beach tourism store a lot of natural potential, namely exotic scenery and high waves. This popular beach, called G-Land, has large waves with very challenging wave heights. The shape of the waves that rolled up seemed to spur the adrenaline of the surfers to conquer it. Not only that, there are other...

Daily Report Forecasts at G-Land Waves on 14th Januari 2020

Current Surf Report For G-Land : Primary swell 3ft at 6s Secondary Swell 3ft at 7s Wind Swell 3ft at 10s The temperature of the air is 28°c and the Sea 30°c Forecast at G-Land Waves : Low :
  1. at time 05:36AM, Height 0.63m
  2. at time 05:47PM, Height 1.13m
Hight :
  1. at time 12:01AM, Height 2.26m
  2. at time 11:43PM, Height 2.34m

New Report Forecast Today On 10th Januari 2020

Current Surf report for G-Land : Primary Swell 4ft at 13s Secondary Swell3.5ft at 9s The temperature of the Air is 28°c and the Sea 30°c Forecast at G-Land waves : Low :
  1. at time 03:05AM, Height 0.78 meter
  2. at time 02:53PM, Height 1.08 meters
Hight :
  1. at time 09:15AM, Height 2.1 meters
  2. at time 09:04PM, Height 2.47 meters