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August 25th 2009

Purrrrrrrrfection is what was available in G-Land today, a very nice south swell with 6ft sets was hitting Launching Pads/Speedies late morning, not very crowded, and Money Trees also had some great waves. I managed to snag an 8ft rogue wave off the Pad, and got a standup pit through the cobra and then a piping...

August 24th 2009

A pretty cruisy day for all in G-Land. The waves were 2-3ft, glassy early then offshores all day. Kongs had some nice long rides, and on the high tide a few crew were getting small sucky waves along Money Trees. I took it easy most of the day, until 2pm when I decided to

August 23rd 2009

Considering G-Land is one of the best waves in the world and the camps are cheaply priced, I am very surprised at the low numbers of surfers on the point right now in August, with a set of New Moon Tides and 2 south swells during these tides! Is it the economic recession? Whatever it...

August 22nd 2009

G-Land easily redeemed itself after yesterdays performance! Plenty of swell still hanging around all morning, solid 6-8ft sets coming through Money Trees and Launching Pads, glassy with no morning onshore, and then a damn sight better than yesterday Trade wind kicked in before 9am! Stoked!! The crowd wasn't too bad either, everyone was mostly