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Visit G-Land Banyuwangi

When you visit Grajagan Beach for a vacation or honeymoon then you can find a beach with an area of 314 hectares. A charming beach to the south of Banyuwangi is lined with Pesanggaran Beach, Red Beach and Plengkung Beach.

South beach waves splashed beautifully greeting the rocks until put out melodious...

Plengkung Beach in Banyuwangi

For the surfers of the world, G-land beach is known to have seven wave spots. That way, arguably this beach became a paradise of surfers. It has an average wave height of up to 5-6 meters, which can form a fairly flat barrol.

G-land Beach Tourist Location

Maybe if known tourist attractions in East Java, people will immediately call the city of Malang. Though there are still other places that have a myriad of tourist attractions, namely Banyuwangi. The location of this district is on the eastern tip of Java Island. Another term from Banyuwangi is Gandrung city, where Banyuwangi...

Access to Alas Purwo National Park

Accessibility to Alas Purwo National Park can be reached from several big cities such as from Banyuwangi and Jember. While special to Plengkung can be reached by land or by sea from Grajagan and Bali. There are three alternative paths to Alas Purwo National Park, namely:

Through Rowobendo Door, the northern...