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It’s Time to Surf in G-Land

G-Land is located in Plengkung Bay precisely on the peninsula south of Java. For several years, many surfers around the world go to this place between the months of March to November to find fantastic waves in g-land. G-Land is a special surfing the primitive beauty and perfect waves. G-land is located...

“Petik Laut” A Unique Tradition In Grajagan Beach

A unique tradition in  Grajagan Beach Banyuwangi,  people called it Ritual Petik Laut. This tradition held once a year, exactly on 15 Syuro Javanese calendar or the Islamic calendar, Muharram 15.

The fishing communities in Muncar tirakatan and recitals held in a number of places of worship. At the peak of...

G-Land Perfect Waves


Plengkung beach is known among surfers as G-Land. G-land has the second best waves in the world after Hawai. Plengkung beach was once a place for surf competitions International level "Banyuwangi G-Land International Team Challenge". Some countries such as Australia, France, England, America,...

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