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Wildlife Experience in G-Land

wildlife experience g-land

If many people know Grajagan or g-land as a beach destination for professional surfer, then you need to know that Grajagan has a wild natural conditions, such as wild animal. The wild animals include lizards, cows, monkeys, eagles, and many more. For tourists...

The Unique of Grajagan

Since 5 years ago, Grajagan as known as G-Land already searching by surfers from around the world. Many surfers who come to the Grajagan beach because they consider this beach is very beautiful and very nice to be a place to surf. If you want to see or meet with the surfers should...

Sunset View From Plengkung Beach

Banyuwangi has sunset views section at Plengkung Beach a.k.a G-Land. The sun is sinking over there looks pretty golden glow.

sunset grajagan

You can enjoy the sunset coast Grajagan to go above Mountain, where the mountain is located just north of the hotel Grajagan...

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