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Feel the Sensation of Adventure in Alas Purwo National Park

Alas Purwo National Park may not be as famous as Ijen Crater with its blue fire so many tourists who come to Banyuwangi often miss Alas Purwo. However, who would have thought if it turns out that the national park is often called the people as "Forest Awful" is apparently save a lot...

G-Land : Top Place to Surf in Indonesia

Indonesia is a familiar country for many surfers around the world to find the perfect surfing spot with a wide selection of waves. You are a beginner or advanced surfers, you will find a great place to surf in Indonesia

Many surfing tourists will come to Indonesia to get perfect surfing surf,...

Tall and Consistent G-land Waves

G-Land is well known among the world's surfers because of its large waves and challenging surfing. His own nickname is The Seven Giant Waves Wonder. Its location overlooking the Indian Ocean and its unique coastal contours make G-Land a wave character sought by many surfers: tall and consistent.

The sailing process...

Ijen Mountain in Banyuwangi

Unique mountain that has a crater with a fairly high acidity level is a crater lake of the world's largest reached 5466 hectares With a depth of 200 meters. Ijen Mountain has  height of 2368 meters above sea level requires you to use adequate vehicles such as jeeps and powerful motorcycles.

In Ijen...

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