The History of G-Land

Plengkung beach located in Banyuwangi Alas Purwo National Park, to be located in the southeast of the island of Java as well as dealing directly with the Indian Ocean. Turkish Plengkung better known as G-Land and Grajagan. Grajagan is the name of a bay in the west coast.


The waves at G-land is one of the largest waves in the world, even the waves reached 4-6 meters with 7 rolls forming waves. Many surfers who have high interest to try surfing in Grajagan.


In 1972, there were 8 groups of surfers on an expedition to the area Plengkung. This expedition is divided into two routes of travel, passing through the land and sea. Three groups were using boats and five other groups use a landline. Other travel group uses an expedition overland to bring them to the village Grajagan. From this village they walked along the beach about 20 kilometers to reach Plengkung. While the struggle reached the sea lanes Plengkung quite difficult. They face a shortage of clean water, but eventually landed on the beach Plengkung. Finally, they set up camp in this place to review the feasibility of Plengkung as surfing beach.


Plengkung beach has waves that are always there continuously throughout the year. In the months of April to August, reaching the highest peak of the ocean waves. Not surprisingly, Turkish Plengkung have five times serves as the International scale surfing activities. There are four types of waves on the beach Plengkung. The smallest wave surfers called "chicken", then "Speedies", "monkey tress", while the biggest waves called "Kongs".

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